A 11 year old boy Ahad from Maharashtra makes an appeal to the Maharashtra Government by letter to please ban the popular online game PUBG. As we all know the devastating effects that it has on the life of young minds. This 11 year boy has took an effort to bring this into notice of the government. He has sent this letter to 7 high end minister’s of the Maharashtra government.

In the letter to the Maharashta Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, he said that this is an “appeal to forthwith ban online game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [PUBG] as it promotes immoral conduct such as violence, murder, aggression, looting, gaming addiction and cyber bullying”. The boy further wrote in the letter, “I will be compelled to seek appropriate legal [civil and criminal] proceeding as per law; naturally at your cost and consequences” if the game is not banned.

In the recent event of Pariksha Pe Charcha by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This topic was also brought into notice by one of the concerned mother of an addicted child towards this game. Prime Minister also guided the parents of the same.

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The Jammu and Kashmir Students Association (JKSA) has also appeals to the governer about the same concern. The cause for them to revolt was the decline in the results of the students of the J&K state.

The online game PUBG has many oppositions as its seen trending, but it is the duty of the students also to keep a control on how they use and enjoy the game. Also the parents should take special care so that the students are not addicted to it.

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