The Bollywood Old but Young actor Anil Kapoor suffers Calcification in his right Shoulder. He is one of the fittest actor that Bollywood has. At the age of 62, actor Anil Kapoor decides to do his stunts himself. In a recent interview, he says that doing the stunts are troubling him but then too he decides to do so.

He said he has suffered “a couple of tears and a bit of calcification on the right shoulder.” “These stunts affect me, but one has to keep moving forward.” Calcification in the shoulder is a condition where calcium deposits form in the tendons, leading to pain; docs call it “calcific tendonitis”. Kapoor said will be treated by celebrity sports doctor Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt in April. Dr Muller-Wohlfahrt had also reportedly cured his ankle pain earlier.

Let’s have a look what Calcification is, what are its symptoms and what is the treatment required for this injury.


Other than shoulders, calcification can occur in your wrist, hip, thigh, knees, ankle and foot, too. Even though the most prominent sign is pain, most people may not experience it because it takes a long time, months and years, for calcium deposits to form. It can limit one’s range of movement because of the pain. If it’s in your shoulder, it might hurt to lift your arm.


Most cases can usually be treated with physical therapy and medication. In mild cases, it even goes away without any elaborate cases. But in more severe cases, surgery may also be necessary. See a doctor for diagnosis if you feel any such shoulder pain. More often than not, it can be treated in the doctor’s office. Only 10 percent need surgery. To return to your range of motion, every cases would need some form of physical therapy, whether a surgery has been done or not. Calcification can eventually also disappear on its own, but if left untreated, it can lead to more severe conditions like a frozen shoulder.

For Anil Kapoor, it seems to be under control and in supervision of a doctor. We wish him a speedy recovery and more energy.

(Source:- The Quint)

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