Anushka Sharma replies to her look alike American singers tweet.


Recently, American singer Julia Michael’s broke the internet by posting her picture along with Anushka Sharma that she looks exactly similar to her. The Bollywood actress also replied to it similarly in a good way.

The Twitter and the internet was trolled in all the way for the post. The Bollywood actress and the American singer together had a good give and take from their posts. They have totally ignored the trolled world.

On Tuesday, Julia too decided to share the collage of her and Anushka’s close up shot on her Twitter. “Hi @AnushkaSharma apparently we’re twins lol,” she captioned the picture.

In her response, Anushka wrote, “OMG YES!! I’ve been looking for you and the remaining 5 of our dopplegangers all my life.”

Julia is a Grammy-nominated artiste and recently released her new single with Selena Gomez titled Anxiety. Meanwhile, Anushka is currently spending some quality time with her husband Virat Kohli in New Zealand, where he is leading Team India in the ongoing cricket series against the Kiwis.

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