In today’s date, almost everyone is aware of the big gaming giant PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds). The wave of chicken dinner has been trending a lot and everyone’s attempt to win the chicken dinner is just over the tide.

The game has a addictive side so that many productive young generation people are drawn towards it. Many of the young people are are so much addicted that have lost their everyday charm. It sometimes also leading to a lot of problems that the young children are facing.

Recently, a issue has been reported from Jammu where a fitness trainer who was addicted to this very trending game was hospitalized.
A fitness trainer belonging to Jammu started playing this very popular online-battle royale game and within the span of 10 days grew very addicted to it. According to various news reports, this man started hitting and harming himself by blows after completing a round of the game and had to be hospitalized. According to a doctor, “The patient is unstable at the moment and has partially lost his mental balance.” He further added that he is still not conscious and his mind is completely under the influence of the ‘PubG’ game. 

There has been made many appeals before the government to ban the treating shooting game in their respective states. It is better to be safe and avoid playing such addictive shooting game. If also not purely avoiding it, but putting a time limit to it.

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