In the year 2016, there was a huge scam regarding the Facebook owned messenger app which is almost used by all the individuals in the world,  ‘WhatsApp’. The scam was a update that was circulated to download an app named ‘WhatsApp Gold’. This app promised to give the features that high end celebrities used. But it was a lie and a big fake.
Again in the starting of the year 2019, the same scam is back with  the same name ‘WhatsApp Gold’. As the people highly admire the movie celebrities and other big stars, this app generates a message that WhatsApp will be converted what these celebrities are using. Beware of these messages and do not even dare to update to WhatsApp Gold as it contains malware which harms your device and steals your data.
Some WhatsApp users has shared their experience on Twitter stating the scam Martinelli. WhatsApp is planning to share a guide message not to believe on these scams and not to click on any of such links. If you click on any of such link which comes along with a video, it will automatically get downloaded in your device and various malware and viruses will hit your and device and will hack your device.
WhatsApp has earlier stated that they have no connection with WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Gold stating that. “Plus have no relationship with WhatsApp and we do not support WhatsApp Plus”. On the other hand, there have been reports that the Martinelli scam is a fake one as there is nothing like WhatsApp Gold and this message is just creating a ruckus among users.
Weather it be this link or any other. A user must not click on these ruckus links or videos which may be very harmful and cheat all your data by hacking your device. A user must be very careful with the increasing number of fake and invalid messages and scams. This will help you keeping your device safe.

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