Earlier this day, Congress lashed out to the Narendra Modi Government Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) on the leakage of unemployment report. “The Fuhrer promised us 2 Crore jobs a year. 5 years later, his leaked job creation report card reveals a National Disaster, ” the Congress president wrote on Twitter.

According to a survey, the employment rate in the year 2017-18 in India will be equal to the year which was in 1972-73. According to the survey, joblessness is higher in the urban areas of the country than in rural India.

On this jibe by the Congress on the ruling government, BJP also hit back to this by saying that jobless people are spreading the fake news. Refuting the reports, the BJP wrote on its official Twitter account, “EPFO’s real data shows sharp increase in jobs created in just the last 15 months.” It added that Congress President Rahul Gandhi won’t understand the facts as he has never had a proper job.

This high time in the political environment is turning out to be a interesting dilemma in politics.

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