Congress releases it’s manifesto for the upcoming Loksabha elections.


The Indian National Congress party today released its manifesto for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections which is to start from April 11. The manifesto was released in the presence of Congress president Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and former prime minister Manmohan Singh. Priyanka Gandhi and other big leaders were also there.

As per Congress, it held 121 public consultations and 53 closed door consultations to prepare the manifesto and that it reflects the hopes of the people. Former finance minister P Chidambaram was the head of the manifesto committee.

The Congress manifesto has five highlights, Rahul Gandhi said. He said that the proposed Nyay scheme would help the economy which got “jammed” due to BJP’s demonetisation move. He gave the slogan: Garibi pe waar, 72000.

Here are the highlights:-

NYAY: Congress has promised to introduce the Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY) under which Rs. 72,000/year will be transferred to the poorest 20 per cent house-holds in India. It will be transferred to the woman in the household,

Jobs: Congress pledged to make jobs its no.1 priority, both in the public and private sector. It has promised to fill all 4 lakh central government vacancies before March 2020 and to persuade state governments to fill their 20 lakh vacancies. It plans to create an estimated 10 lakh new Seva Mitra positions in every gram panchayat and urban local body. The manifesto says businesses will be rewarded for job creation and employing more women and firms with over 100 employees will have to implement an apprenticeship programme.

For Farmers: Congress says it will present a separate “Kisan Budget” every year. Also the party has promised to bring a permanent National Commission on Agricultural Development and Planning.

Healthcare: Congress promises to enact the Right to Healthcare Act and guarantee every citizen free diagnostics, out-patient care, free medicines and hospitalisation, through a network of public hospitals and enlisted private hospitals. The party said it will double expenditure on healthcare to 3 per cent of GDP by 2023-24.

GST: Congress will simplify the GST regime with a single moderate rate of tax, zero rating of exports, and exemption for essential goods and services, added the manifesto. “We also promise panchayats and municipalities a share of GST revenues,” said Congress in the manifesto.

Education: It has promised to double the allocation for Education to 6 per cent of GDP by 2023-24.

Reservation: 33 percent of seats for women in the Lok Sabha and the State Legisla-tive Assemblies has been proposed in the manifesto. Congress will also reserve 33 percent of all posts/vacancies in the Central Government for women.

Right to Homestead: Congress said it will pass the Right to Homestead Act to provide a piece of land for every rural house-hold that does not own a home or own land on which a house may be built.

Hate Crimes: Congress promises to end the sense of impunity, stamp out mob violence and lynching, and prevent atrocities and hate crimes against the SC, ST, women and minorities. “Congress will hold accountable the police and district administration for proven negligence in the case of riots, mob violence and hate crimes.”

Aadhaar: Congress will pass a law on privacy; restrict the use of Aadhaar to the original purposes of the Aadhaar Act.

Poll Funding: Congress said it will set up a National Election Fund that will be allocated at the time of elections to rec-ognised political parties.

AFSPA: Besides, the Congress manifesto has promised to review the controversial AFSPA that gives unprecedented power to security forces in disturbed zones like J&K and some parts of the North East.


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