It has been a big discussion over the government with its ways to curb fake currency and to fight corruption. The government came up with demonetization in the year 2016. The main aim was to curb fake currency and to fight corruption. The government faced many backlogs from the oppositions and the citizens as well.

A video is circulating around the social media where it is seen a printing press which is minting new 50 and 200 Rs. notes. The video shows a man stacking bundles of the alleged fake notes, while heavy printing machinery can be seen in the background.

Fake notes factory in Bangladesh, unbelievable, circulate this 👇👇👇.

Posted by Indian Tradition and Places on Sunday, 7 January 2018

While the notes seen in the video closely resemble the Indian currency, they are not counterfeit notes but rather token/game notes – like the ones used in money-based board games like Monopoly.

Key differences between the Rs 50 note seen in the video and the RBI’s official specimen:

  • Instead of Reserve Bank of India on the note, it says ‘Children’s Bank of India’ and ‘Manoranjan Bank’ on the note in the video.
  • There is no Rupee symbol (₹).
  • There is no state emblem of India.
  • The different-sized note number is missing.

Similar notes have, however, been circulated as real currency in the past. In March 2017, months after demonetisation, an ATM in South Delhi’s Amar colony area had dispensed a fake Rs 2,000 currency note with “Children Bank of India” printed on it. In a similar case, a Sangam Vihar resident Rohit Kumar had received four fake notes of Rs 2,000 denomination from an ATM in southeast Delhi on 6 February 2017. The terms “Churan label” and “Children Bank of India” were reportedly printed on them.


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