How to stay away or remove embarrassing videos on Youtube and photos on Facebook.


As in today’s date, the internet is the king. We all love ro do all and majority kind of stuffs online and uploading our daily life on various social media sites just to show off. We also often come across about the stuffs that we don’t want to see and which are inappropriate.

In this type of case we prefer to delete or lodge a complaint against these kinds of things on the internet. Now it’s possible for you to lodge a complaint or report user on youtube if you find it inappropriate.

File a complaint against privacy invading videos on youtube

The video was the first result that appeared whenever anyone searched his name on the site, and while it wasn’t as outrageous as some unflattering YouTube content can be, it certainly did not show him in his best light. In this case, someone else had uploaded the video. If my friend were still in contact with the person, he could ask that they remove the unwanted content. Otherwise, his best option is to open the video, click the flag icon beneath it, and choose Infringes My Rights > invades my privacy. This leads to the YouTube Safety Centerpage, where you’re asked to identify your issue. If you select Privacy you’re directed to the Protecting Your Privacy page, which has a link to the Privacy Complaint Process. You’re then led through a six-step wizard, after which you’re presented with the Privacy Complaint form. The form asks for your real name, your e-mail address, the user name of the person who posted the video, the video URL, and your reason for wanting the content removed. YouTube gives the uploader 48 hours to take action on the complaint and promises to notify you by e-mail once the uploader or Facebook has acted on the complaint.

Untag yourself from Facebook posts

You have come across in your Facebook profile page some of the unwanted posts which you don’t want in your portfolio. In this case, you are uselessly tagged in some one others posts. A simple solution to this is to Untag yourself from such posts and stay away from such nuisance.

As with YouTube videos, you can delete only the Facebook photos you posted yourself. The Facebook Help Center provides information on removing photos of your child and reporting a copyright violation. The service offers a form for reporting an unauthorized photo. Facebook will remove content only if it violates the service’s Community Standards.

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