Indian Football lacking support. It’s time for fans to turn now for them.


The All India Football Federation (AIFF) is a 81 years old football governing council. It is headed by Praful Patel and its headquarters is situated in Dwarka city in Delhi. In India, the fad of cricket is a lot more than football. The AIFF organizes a number of football tournaments such as I-League, Federation cup,etc. Recently, AIFF also organized U-17 FIFA World Cup which gave a boom to Indian football but in comparison with the world football, it is nowhere.

Hero Indian Super League (ISL) which was inaugurated few years ago along with Reliance Foundation has a buzz in the few starting years, but now for around 5 years passed its fame is   fading. There are number of problems that is faced by AIFF. Though the number of football fans in India is larger than that altogether of England, Spain, Germany, Italy and USA. Thus being such a large country, why it is difficult to promote football. Lets discuss some of the common problems faced :-

  • Marketing:- Marketing is one of the major issue faced by the AIFF. The governing body is not up to the mark with its marketing. Marketing is the key to make people aware. ISL is the 4th best league in the world in terms of attendance. Also, the India Vs Kenya match was sold up just in a fraction because of the humble request of Sunil Chettri and other big shots like Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kolhi to the fans to come and support the Indian Football Team.
  • Hopes:- The hopes and expectations matters the most for the fans as well as the players. It is in the Indian mindset that being a small team we cannot win with other international teams.
  • Payscale:- The pay provided to the football players are not even closer to what cricketers receive. All moms in India wants their son to become a doctor or an engineer so that they get a good pay and have a good living. So the children here are not encouraged to play football as they are for playing cricket. Thus payscale matters a lot in upbringing the association.
  • Competition:- We all know for a fact that wherever there’s good competition for something the performance bar raises eventually. As most of the kids choose paths that their parents lay for them, increase in the pay scale as mentioned above would prompt parents to put career in football as an option for their kids. This in the end increases the competition and there’d be a substantial rise in the way the players perform.

Hence, it depends upon us to support and help raise AIFF to a great height. As our support would definitely motivate the players and hope to see the Indian football team soon in the World Cup.

Let’s get together and make this beautiful sport a trending one in India too. #IsupportIndianfootball   

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