The start of every new year is also the start of one of the biggest technology conferences in the US: The Consumer Electronics Show. 2019 marks the 23rd edition of CES and it keeps getting bigger every time. That said, the focus is also moving away from core consumer electronics and today, CES encompasses the best in technology, but that tech may not yet offer a direct benefit to the end consumer.

Unlike the past years, there hasn’t been much speculation about what to expect at CES. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) has stolen consumer attention because after all, that’s where all the smartphones are. CES, in comparison, has stuck to its reputation of showcasing interesting technology which may or may not see the light of day in retail markets any time soon.

PC’s are Booming

Whoever said PCs are dead just needs to take a look at the PC brands that are showcasing their wares. Everyone from Lenovo to Dell to Asus from the OEM side to IntelAMDQualcomm and Nvidia from the chipmakers are expected to showcase new products and technologies.

In October 2018, Intel had announced the 9th generation of its Core processors, so one can expect OEMs to be out in full force to showcase their latest Intel processor sporting machines. Intel is also rumoured to be launching graphics cards in 2020 and we’re hoping to catch a glimpse of that.

Televisions take it away this year

Some years ago, CES was all about 3D TVs, with things new and exciting to promise customers. We all know how that went down.

But TV technology is still evolving, and although some of it is still gimmicky, a lot of it is actually stunning. QLED TVs, Quantum Dot TVs, MicroLED TVs, 8K TVs should be showcased by prominent TV makers such as Samsung, LG, HiSense, Thomson, Sharp, Sony among others.

Better Assistance and Alexa Assistance Integration.

This is a no-brainer. We can expect to see a lot of smart speakers, smart displays and smart TVs with Alexa or Assistant integration.

It’s the most logical trend we can see coming from a mile. But it won’t just remain limited to speakers and displays. Expect home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen equipment and more also being Alexa or Assistant compatible.

Smart lighting and other smart home components could also see some action. Lenovo had already announced its plans to get into the smart home segment at IFA 2018. Expect more players to announce their smart home products with integrations with smart speakers.

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