Protein rich food to include in your diet which has low carb.


For people trying to slim down your waistline, protein needs no introduction. Perhaps, you likely already know that protein is one of the most essential elements that can help you build muscles, repair tissues, and maintains the body’s structures. And as studied in our younger days, it is the ‘building block’ for skin, blood and bones. A diet rich in protein has been shown to boost satiety, muscle strength and weight loss.

A lot of health experts recommend protein- rich and low-carb diets to help lose weight and belly fat, and increase the metabolic rate. Despite being an important part of our everyday diet, many people are protein deficient, especially vegetarians. The fact is that you can get protein from a variety of food sources, including plants and animals. Yet, your body doesn’t store protein, hence, it’s important that you consume enough of this macronutrient from your diet.

High-protein foods that are good for your health and weight management. You can increase your protein intake by eating a variety of high-protein foods. The good news is that both plant and animal protein sources can help you lose weight and improve health. In this article, Nutritionist and wellness coach Janvi Chitalia suggests a list of foods along with their protein content as per the serving sizes.

For optimal health, it’s important to get the right balance of both plant and animal foods.


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