Protest rages in Kerala after two women enters Sabarimala.


After the Supreme Courts judgement of allowing women in the Sabrimala Temple. The two women in the age of early 40’s while in their menstrual cycle entered the temple on Wednesday, January 2. Bindu (42) from Kozhikode and Kanakadurga (44)  from Mallapuram district entered the temple for around 1.40 am and at 3.30am they got the darshan. There were no issues faced by the two devotees inside the temple.

They were given police protection as promised. But, later it led to protests at Thiruvananthapuram. It also took a political look there after. After their visit, the temple was shut down for purification. The protests erupted in various parts of the city. Hundreds of protestors led by BJP, Ayyappa Karma Samiti and various Hindu outfits were on the roads for the protests.

The protests have evolved at a lot further stage and the shops at Allapuzha. There has also been a clash of BJP and CPM protesters. The BJP women protestors are constantly blocking the highways. The police are working hard to get rid of the protestors. Earlier, the chief minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan said, “There were protests earlier, but today two women entered the Sabarimala shrine. We have given a standing order to police to provide all possible protection to any woman who wants to enter the temple.”

One of the women who entered the temple Kanakadurga says that the age old rituals should be changed  as there are many unfair restrictions that are imposed on women. There have been many women who have tried to change the rituals, but they had to face many oppositions and anger.

The temple was again opened after some time of purification after the two women had visited the shrine. It is again now open for the devotees for darshan. But there is still no control over protests that is growing in the political direction.

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