Rafale again into discussion in Loksabha by opposition.


On January 2, 2019 the finance minister Arun Jaitley raised a question about why there should be JPC issued on the Rafale Deal as the matter was closed by the Supreme Court. Jaitley slams Rahul by saying that Rahul only understood the financial matter behind it and not the issue the nation security.

Jaitley constantly kept on explaining the controversial issue of Rafale heading to the opposition saying, “Grand Old Party is today headed by a gentleman who doesn’t even understand what a combat aircraft is”.

Cong Doesn’t Understand Offsets: Arun Jaitley. Parliament saw stinging attacks in the session post 3:30 pm as the finance minister, replying to the Opposition’s queries on Rafale deal, reminded the Congress of previous scams. “The Congress is inventing lies because they cannot find facts. Their hands are so deep in Bofors that they are trying to create scams for BJP,” the minister said. Jaitley also said that the NDA deal is 9 percent cheaper than the one sealed by UPA in 2012.

Precedence of Supreme Court’s Verdict Over JPC, Says Govt. The government has ruled out the need for setting up a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC). Defending his stand, Jaitley said that there is no need for JPC as country’s top court has cleared the matter.

Even after supreme  court’s order in the Rafale Deal. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley hit back at Congress president Rahul Gandhi, accusing him of, “lying and repeating falsehood” on the Rafale issue.

The discussion went for almost a day in the Loksabha and also it took both the morning and evening sessions. The triple talaq bill was cleared by Loksabha  on December 27 but the bill met with a lot of protests in the Rajya Sabha on Monday December 31, with the opposition demanding that the bill be referred to a selected committee.


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