Reliance Jio has now become the first to reach the largest number of availability. It has now become the top with 98.8% of reach in the second half of 2018. It was a report presented by Ookla on Tuesday. Reliance Jio is followed by Airtel.

Airtel has now become the second with 90% of the reach. The report said, “Analyzing India’s 4G Availability: Including a Look at the 15 Largest Cities”. Vodafone and Idea merged up recently with for a greater look but they are operating separately. “If that (Vodafone Idea operations) were to change, we’d expect to see better general availability for all customers as the two brands’ coverage areas are complementary,” the report noted.

Jio is known for its plans that it offers at a very affordable price. The company is lagging behind to provide its full proof services. It is not able to provide the speed of the internet that the company is promising. It is because of the number of users that JIO is handling is far more than that of the number of towers that they are having. The telecom company is continuously trying to provide the speed and set up more platforms so that they can serve the best.

The ranking of the other operators does not change based on LTE use with Vodafone taking second fastest, Jio third and Idea fourth. Airtel’s speed score for 4G LTE was 11.23, that of Vodafone was 9.13, as per the report. Jio registered a score of 7.11, while that of Idea was 7.02.

“Until 5G is rolled out, LTE is the fastest connection type available to consumers. India shows us, however, that 4G availability does not automatically equate to fastest service. To compare which of India’s largest mobile operators is fastest, we have used Speed Score, a combined measure of download and upload speed that incorporates several tiers of performance,” the reports said.


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