When you have type 2 diabetes, making smart food choices is even more important to manage the symptoms and maintain health. Perhaps, using healthy snacks as a miniature version of meals is a smart strategy for controlling both your blood sugar levels and weight. The key is to choose snacks that are high in fibre, protein, and healthy fats. Also, knowing how to count the carbohydrates that you eat can help you plan and develop a healthy diabetes meal plan.

For diabetics, the importance of snacking cannot be overlooked. In fact, your doctor or healthcare provider may ask you to eat a snack at certain times of the day, especially if you’ve recently been diagnosed with diabetes, to help prevent low blood sugar. Healthy snacking can help curb cravings, promote weight loss, boost mood and fuel your body consistently throughout the day. Here’s a diabetes-friendly healthy Indian snack that can help you lose weight and belly fat, keep blood sugar in check, and promote overall health.

Likewise, yogurt can help lower blood sugar levels because it contains gut-healthy probiotics, which has been shown to improve the body’s ability to metabolise foods containing sugar. Moreover, yogurt is packed with protein, which can help keep blood sugar levels in a healthy range. A high-protein diet is linked to improved metabolism, reduced appetite, and faster weight loss.

This delicious snack recipe is very easy to prepare, in a bowl, simply mix them together or you can layer them on top of each other to make a healthy, diabetes-friendly.


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