Thumbs Down, Techs Up!!!!!

Children using technology on sofa

In this rapidly growing technological era. No person is lagging behind to cope up with the ever growing technological  inventions.  From children to elderly people all are always busy in their mobile phones. In the olden days, when there was only feature phone there was no problem of misunderstanding as such. The social media which was invented to make the world inter-connected within itself is now proving to be a curse to the world. Almost all the people are now busy living their second and fake life on the internet. Social media is a good platform for people to showcase their talent and it is been used to do so, but its ratio is very low.


Research states that Facebook has around 241 million accounts from Indian origin and they are active user on facebook. This states that almost around 20% of Indians are consumers of facebook. Facebook was being developed to avail the people to connect to their relatives who are far away from them and to be used as a medium of news and media. But nowadays, facebook has just remained as a guide of fake news and scams. Recently, facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg was booked in the scam during the elections in USA. Facebook and other social media has also proved to be a boon to the corporate world and bussineses as it is used as a advertising medium to reach a larger audience and all age groups. Relatively all social media platforms are highly influenced by the youths of the world. They are more focused in capturing the moments rather than living it.

Capturing the moments is a good thing to keep the memories but it will also be wonderful if it happens to a smaller extent. Whenever we visit any event or function, we see only only mobile cameras around. Almost all the people are trying to click the pictures and nobody even seems living the moment. The youths only capture it to showoff through the social media. Social media has lead to many cases such as social media abuse,etc.

Over using of anything can lead to the bad aspect of the product. Nowadays children and students are adopted to use technology at a very early age. This helps the parents keeping their children engaged in something, also it helps the children to develop faster. But it is somehow causing harm to the health of the children, which will be seen in the near future.

Research reveals that Indians on an average spends 3 hours and 52 minutes on the internet and the most used is facebook and other social media.

Thumbs Down, Techs Up reveals that how todays generation has everything at their thumbpoint, but somewhere are not able to make the full use of it. There are ample of information available on the internet but, people have only kept their selves limited to the social media. It should be us to start living a beautiful life rather than living a hyper loop life on the internet. And yes, Internet is a boon to the world and not a curse. It depends upon us how we use it.

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