Twitter has now become a new platform for the politicians to fight and share their views. The Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) and Congress are using #tags to pour each other down. The Hashtags that the political parties are using are grumpy, political and cheeky. They both are using the it to lower down each other.

BJP leaders appropriated the ‘How’s the josh?’ dialogue from the blockbuster Bollywood movie Uri, with ministers like Piyush Goel and Nirmala Sitharaman using it in their speeches. The Congress countered this slogan with #How’sTheJobs to criticise the Modi government on its failure to create employment. In another round of this ‘hashtag dangal’, the official Twitter handle of the BJP started tweeting with the #BudgetForNewIndia on the day of the Budget. And the Congress retaliated with by making #AakhriJumlaBudget trending too.

Though these hashtags are effective only on the number of followers each of the party has. BJP has a amount of 10.5 million followers whereas, the Congress has only 37.5K followers. The posts by the Congress are way more creative and innovative. The Congress’ social media posts are innovative, however. On Instagram, the party put out a puzzle that asks you to spot 10 ‘scams’ of the Modi government. The BJP’s straight hashtags on Instagram might not be fun, but could prove to be a great social media strategy. They get a wider reach as generic hashtags are used and seen more on Instagram.

The real political war will be seen in the upcoming Loksabha elections which is only three months away. Though anybody will be winning the war over twitter it is only a mean of social war over media.

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