Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday mocked at the exit polls, saying they were not exact polls. “Exit polls do not mean exact polls. We have to understand that. Since 1999, most of the exit polls have gone wrong,” the Vice-President pointed out.

Naidu addressed an informal meeting of well-wishers, who felicitated him in Guntur.

“Country and the state need an able leader and stable government, whoever it be. That’s what is required. That’s all,” Naidu observed.

The Vice-President also said that change in society should start with political parties.
“If democracy has to strengthen and something good has to happen to people elections, selections, candidates, parties all should discharge their duties responsibly and properly,” he noted.

The Vice President lamented that civility has become a casualty in the present political discourse. “There is a lot of degeneration in the speeches of political leaders. They are resorting to personal abuses. One is not an enemy to the other in politics, they are only rivals… They are forgetting this basic fact,” he said. Expressing anguish over the behaviour of elected representatives in Parliament and state legislatures, he said.

The Vice-President also found fault with political parties announcing freebies to win over the electorate.

“The way parties are behaving.. you have been given a mandate for five years. You have to work. Without doing that, you announce freebies at the last minute. I am always opposed to it. Free power means, no power,” Naidu observed.
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